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My milk shapes bring all the numbers to social media

TW: Hairy male body, Lactose

My ongoing quest to become the world’s greatest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger knows no bounds. I’ve already blown away my critics with a series of award-winning (Best Fashion Videos: cookywook YouTube Awards 2016fashion videos, and now I’m taking on modelling.

My inspiration came from friend-of-the-blog, Megs, aka Wonderful You. A powerful brand in and of herself, Megs works with the photography wizard that is Alex Cameron. Alex is a freelance photographer specialising in weddings, fashion photography, and portraits. Megs and Alex have done loads of work together doing all kinds of lovely shoots. If you visited the exhibition of Alex’s work at Espresso Library recently, you’ll have seen this pic of Megs as part of the Giants series. And that’s all great.

But the one photo the two did together that really caught my eye was this one of Megs in some milk.


It’s cool, right? And as an aspiring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger it’s my obligation to try and one-up it. So that’s what I did.

With Alex’s permission and support we set up a little photoshoot at her base in Cottenham. We weren’t blessed with the best weather in the world, but we got enough breaks in the cloud to get some decent shooting time.

But first things first. I had to buy a paddling pool. And milk. Lots of milk. Around 40 pints of milk in total. The woman on the till at Sainsbury’s seemed pretty nonplussed about us buying such a large quantity of milk, offering a cursory ‘so what’s the milk for?’ more as small talk than anything substantial. She’s seen it all before I guess.

But it turns out that even that much milk doesn’t go too far when you’re filling up a paddling pool. I read in horror that the capacity of the child’s pool I’d bought off Amazon was actually 666L (why that of all numbers?). That’s roughly 1172 pints, or 1132 pints more than we had. But the good news was that we didn’t really need to fill the pool, and also that you can dilute milk quite a lot (pro tip: use whole milk!) without losing much in the way of opacity. But turning a puddle of milk into a luxurious silk bath with just a garden hose takes a long time.

In the meantime, we took some shots of folks flying around the garden. Here’s me.


I won’t spoil the magic of how it works, because it’s REAL ACTUAL MAGIC.

Soon enough, the milk was ready and in I got. Yes, I got down to my pants, specially selected to best match the milk and pool. Yes, it was super embarrassing. Yes, several of my close friends were watching. Yes, it was super super cold. And yes, I didn’t really know what I was going to do once I got in.

I mean, do you go for a straight-up modelling thing, pulling all those weird shapes that models do? Or just mess around and do loads of jokey stuff? Well, I ended up going for some kind of ironic extreme, playing down the whole thing but kind of taking it really seriously at the same time.

We tried to make it a bit playful by chucking some flowers in with me. And someone handed me a cup of tea as a prop. At one point, Edd poured milk over me as an action shot, an experience that was not unlike being waterboarded.



Some kind of foetal thing. Very pretentious.


I like that in this one I’m smiling. I spent a lot of the shoot laughing.




Not sure what the idea was with this one.



About 20 minutes later, I climbed out. I was cold, wet, and both my ears and nose were clogged with milk. Let me tell you, no amount of showering will get that out. I could smell milk for days. Hell, I can still hear it. But it was fun.

What I’m trying to figure out now is how to get the most out of the photos for my PERSONAL BRAND. Yes, it all comes down to numbers. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – you gotta think about it all. (Still working on the LinkedIn strategy). Social marketing is literally my day job, so this is an interesting little exercise. Hopefully this blog will work wonders. Please RT and share and offer me book deals.


If you want silly (or sensible) photos taken of you for any reason, contact Alex Cameron here.

Get the cookywook look! [Fox Gloves]

Happy new year, friends!
I hope you’re having the best time EVER!!!!

New year new you, right?
My new year’s resolution?
To be more true to myself

It’s cold out, and you better wrap up warm, CUS HERE COMES THE


That’s right, fashion with ten exclamation marks, fifteen new year o’s, and a little foxy face.
Why the foxy face, you ask? (I just LOVE your inquisitiveness!!!). Well, because of these….

2015-01-19 17.46.59

FOXGLOVES, yaaaaaaayyy!

[No, not like the plant, silly!!!]

Aren’t they just the cutest little things ever?
Here’s a pic of them on my actual real life arms:

2015-01-19 17.46.37

They’re a pretty good fit (though I wouldn’t use them for typing fashion blogs!). There’s no finger flap, but these aren’t mittens so it’s ok ^o.o^

Let’s talk about you now. Here it is…

How to get the cookywook look:

FOX MITTENS: Etsy (£16.96 + p&p)

This was my first ever Etsy purchase actually and it went really smoothly. They came from a lovely seller in Turkey, who kept in near constant communication throughout. She also sells an adorable fox hat too (among other things), which you should check out.

Thanks fox (oops, *for) reading!



Get the cookywook look! [XMAS SPECIAL MK.2]

So I know I ALREADY DID a Christmas edition of ‘get the cookywook look!
(missed it? check it out here dummy ;P)
but since Christmas Day is such a fashion haul, I simply HAD to do another.

So without further a-doh, let’s bring on the

FASHION !!!!!!!!!!*****€€

Yeah, fashion with ten exclamation marks, five christmassy stars, and two EURO signs.

Why the Euro signs? Well, they’re the closest I can find to….

2014-12-25 12.24.29


I know right.
Someone better write to the head of fashion and let them know it’s pretty much over at this point. Because I think I just WON FASHION FOREVER.

People have said I’m a ‘snappy dresser’ before but I now I literally have the claws to prove it. They’re just the greatest.

Well, they pretty much suck at holding things, picking things up, turning things, using my phone, pressing buttons, or opening things – BUT they’re lobster hands. And that outweighs all other practical considerations.

(And since when has fashion been about being useful anyway, EH???)

Besides, they work just fine for this…

2014-12-25 12.35.44-1

Yeah that’s right! Drinking prosecco from a wine glass because you are a CLASSY GUY WITH LOBSTER CLAWS FOR HANDS.
(Think about it. You can’t spell “class” without c-l-a-w-s!!!!!! Tee hee)

Also lobster is totally what rich people eat all day.
I’m yet to eat lobster WHILE wearing my lobster hands, but when I do I’ll have officially reached PEAK EXCELLENCE.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about youuuuu <3<3<3

How to get the cookywook look:

GIANT LOBSTER CLAWS: Firebox (£24.99)
JUMPER: Xmas Present
JEANS: Topman (£30)

HAIR: Boots – Black and White Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade (£4.65)

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great Christmas and Santa CLAWS (omg!) brought you everything you wanted.



Get the cookywook look! [XMAS SPECIAL]

Hello fashionistas! (And fashionMISTAS!)

That’s right, I’m back! With even more….

FASHION !!!!!!!!!!*****

Yes, fashion with ten exclamation marks and five Christmassy stars!

The last blog was supposed to be a one-off really. But I just couldn’t help myself. I know, I’m just SO random!!!

So LET’S GET TO IT :{p (that’s a smiley with a moustache, btw!)

Richard, what are you wearing this Christmas?

Wow, thanks for asking! Again! Aren’t you just a darling?

Well, it just so happened to be my work Christmas party this week. And being a dedicated follower of fashion I obviously had to go all out. Here’s the outfit I settled on:

2014-12-11 15.28.33


The theme of the party was burlesque, and the dress code was stated as “as decadent & debauched as you dare.” So what choice did I have but to go for a classic red velvet blazer and buttoned up top look? That’s right, none!

Most people just opted for suits and ties, of course. YAWN! :O
It doesn’t hurt to be original, people. (‘Fashion original’, not ‘Islamic State original’, of course!)

But I know what you all really wanna see.

Time for my close-up…

2014-12-11 15.28.42


Yeah, I grew my beard out a little for the sophisticated stubble look.
And the shirt’s got spots on it. Just to add some character 🙂

I got my HAIR cut a few days before at Peppy’s barbers on East Road. They did a great job of thinning the top out without losing much of the length. Swept over to the side, I think it came out PERFECT.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any other photos. So you can’t see my trousers, socks, or shoes. But they looked GLAM AS HELL I assure you.

To the important bit, then…

How to get the cookywook look:

SHIRT: H&M (£9.99)

HAIR: Boots – Black and White Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade (£4.65)

Thanks for reading. Who knows, maybe I’ll do EVEN MORE of these next year :{o



Get the cookywook look!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a very special blog post, where today I’ll be talking all about….

FASHION !!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that’s right. Fashion with ten exclamation marks!

You know, clothes and hair and accessories and stuff :p

So, the big question that I’m sure you’re PONDERING right now is

Richard, what are you wearing today?

Thanks for asking! You’re such a great person.

Well, here’s something from my standard “weekend wardrobe”:

2014-11-22 19.21.27

It’s a classic t-shirt + cardigan combo. A sophisticated, yet casual, combo that just SCREAMS “I’m an intellectual, but I’m a cool guy to hang around with too.”

And what am I wearing on the bottoms to match the top? Here’s your answer!

2014-11-22 19.21.53

Yes, jeans! So comfy!!! I <3 my jeans 🙂

And a close-up on those socks:

2014-11-22 19.22.15

Teehee! They’re BREAKFAST SOCKS! Omg, right? (I know, so totally random but I just love them). Everyone should have a pair of fun socks, especially ones with pictures of food on them.

Like I said above, I just feel really relaxed when I’m wearing this outfit. I can just focus on unwinding after a hard week of work, and recharge my batteries so I’m ready for the days ahead.

Here’s a pro fashion tip: If you’re ever feeling stressed, wear some comfy clothes. It always helps!

2014-11-22 19.22.36

That’s just a picture of me thinking. Life can be hard sometimes, right?

But let’s not forget the most important thing, eh lads? That’s right…

mY haIR!!!!!

2014-11-22 19.23.33

Styled into casual perfection for that I’ve-just-got-out-of-bed look, without having to actually have just got out of bed! When I’m rockin’ this bonnet everyone knows I’m just the most chill guy around 🙂

How to get the cookywook look:

T-SHIRT: Primark (£8)
CARDIGAN: Topman (£45)
JEANS: Topman (£30)
SOCKS: Topman (£3)

HAIR: Boots – Black and White Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade (£4.65)

Thanks for reading! Let’s do this again soon 🙂

I’ll hopefully put a video blog up shortly where I’ll talk about everything I just wrote above.