What’s the deal with Mr Mime?

This frickin’ guy.

What on earth’s going on here then?

Mr Mime is the 122nd Pokémon character in Generation I of the Pokedex (the Pokémon encyclopedia). It’s a Psychic type Pokémon, and it’s Pokedex entries reads as follows:

If interrupted while it is miming, it will slap around the offender with its broad hands.

It specialises in producing psychic barriers, in a mime-like fashion by creating invisible walls.

So, it’s pretty clear then: Mr Mime is a Pokémon, not a human. Even though he looks exactly like a human. It’s a Pokémon that is just called “Mr Mime” as if it was a human. Because… reasons?

See, that’s why it’s confusing to me. Why does a Pokémon get a honorific as if it was a person. And why is that name so descriptive of their behaviour? It’s like if Charizard was called “Mrs Fire-Breather”, or Pikachu was called “Dr Lightning”.

And that’s another thing! “Mr Mime” is the name of the species. And yet obviously the species contains both male and female specimens. What kind of cryptopatriachial nonsense is going on here where all members of the species are assumed male by default?


Like all Pokémon, Mr Mime can only say one thing: its own name. SO MR MIME WALKS AROUND MIMING AND SAYING MR MIME.


Also Mr Mime supposedly evolves from this hideous thing.

Image result for mime jr

I hate it.

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