Richard’s 2016: Week Six

(Read up on what #Richards2016 is all about here.)

There ain’t no stopping this train, baby! It just KEEPS ON ROCKING. For better or for worse.

Another classic week here. Yup, there’s all the food challenges you know and love AND SO MUCH MORE.

February 6th: Lace Day


That’s me there, wearing a black lace veil like SOME KINDA SPOOKY GHOST. Don’t worry though, I’m not actually a corpse bride. But I woulda got away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

I only wore it for approximately the duration of that photo though. Turns out veils are super difficult to see through and are also itchy on your face. Why do we insist on making brides wear them, huh? Is it so they can’t see who they’re marrying, in case they realise they’re making a terrible mistake?! GREAT MARITAL SOCIAL COMMENTARY RIGHT HERE FOLKS.

February 7th: Ballet Day

I spent all of the day trying to decide what to do for this. Do I like go and watch some ballet? Do I learn some ballet myself? Do I read one of those bestselling ballet books? So many possibilities.

In the end, I didn’t come up with anything until about 11pm. That’s why I’m literally in my pyjamas in this clip of me doing ballet:

Jesus wept.

February 8th: Kite Flying Day

It just so happens that this was like the windiest day ever! Thanks, Imogen! So perfect kite flying weather. Or in my case, my hat (what is a hat but a kite you stick on your head anyway?!)

It was so blustery you guys you have no idea. SOLID EFFORT FROM ME VERY WELL DONE.

February 9th: Toothache Day

February 9th also has another name, PANCAKE DAY. What better way to induce toothache than to stuff myself with sweet pancake goodness? So that’s what I did.

2016-02-09 19.26.18

Here are just some of the pancakes I had:

  • Golden Syrup
  • Nutella
  • Lemon and Sugar

And by some I mean all because we ran out of mixture and eggs to make more mixture. WAHEYyy.

February 10th: Umbrella Day

I was hoping it would at least rain for umbrella day. That way I could, y’know, justify using an umbrella. But it didn’t. So I opted for the alternative: getting really sweaty at the gym and like chilling out under my umbrella to recuperate? I don’t know how that made sense to me at the time, but there we go.

February 11th: Get Your Guitar Out Day

Watch me butchering a Neutral Milk Hotel classic.

Sorry to Jeff Magnum and everyone who watched this.

February 12th: Plum Pudding Day

Turns out plum pudding is a real thing and huge faff. But remember the right ‘mare I had with peach melba day? I wasn’t making that mistake again.


It me. Eating a plum. In an underground cycling park at 7PM.

And here’s the next week of CRAZY WACKY FUN to come:

  • Radio Day
  • World Marriage Day
  • Hippo Day
  • Almond Day
  • World Human Spirit Day
  • Drink Wine Day (!)
  • Chocolate Mint Day

Particularly looking forward to drinking some wine and eating some chocolate mints. IF I LIVE THAT LONG THAT IS.

Anyway, good luck with your week whatever you’re doing too.

ps. No word from the electricity people and also the folks I bought those wrong sized Zissou shoes off have stopped responding to me! Hahahaha, my life!

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