Richard’s 2016: Weeks 19 and 20

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Hey, it’s yet ANOTHER double-post. OMG what’s wrong with me? Well, last weekend I was in Norfolk, just generally having a look around and getting lost in rape fields and nearly succumbing to hayfever. So this week you get two-for-one. Lucky you. Here’s what I was doing.

May 7th: Join Hands Day

I was at the Boring Conference with Mother that weekend. It was very good and boring. So I took the chance to hold hands with my literal favourite mother.


May 8th: Lemonade Day


May 9th: Moscato Day

Had real trouble finding a genuine Moscato wine (thanks a lot, M&S Food), but I did find this delightful pudding wine:

It’s from the Muscat region, which just about makes it Moscato imo. Also it came in a hilariously small plastic bottle. Perfect for smuggling into gigs, etc.???

May 10th: World Lupus Day

Copped out again and just donated some money to charity. I say ‘copped out’, but really I think constantly donating money out of my own pocket is a harder thing to do than all the other stuff I just do for free. This blog doesn’t make any money for me, remember (in fact, it’s costing me a pretty penny in hosting fees, etc.) so I see no shame in coughing up dough from time to time.

Maybe give some money yourself, too?

May 11th: Root Canal Appreciation Day

So yeah, I took a moment to appreciate the many many root canals I’ve had to have for various reasons. Would I recommend getting one? NO. Unless like a dentist says you should have one or something (then YES). But if you’re just thinking of getting one on a whim – DON’T.

I was gonna upload an icky pic of me pointing at my root canal-ed tooth, but there’s not really much to see. A while back they drilled the remaining peg of a tooth down to a little stump and put a ceramic cap on it. It was disgusting and expensive, but now looks like a perfectly ordinary tooth so that’s fine.

May 12th: Nutty Fudge Day

I returned to the M&S Food that had previously let me down and managed to get my hands on some actual nutty fudge! At first I thought they wouldn’t have any, as I desperately scanned the chocolate aisle for anything containing fudge – but then I turned the corner and found they had a whole FUDGE AISLE and it was beautiful.

Pecans in fudge is a great shout.

May 13th: Blame Someone Else Day

I didn’t manage to do anything for this day. But since it’s “blame someone else day” I blame Olivia for dragging me out to Norfolk hahahaha.

(Not meaning to imply I didn’t enjoy Norfolk, ofc).

May 14th: Chicken Dance Day

For some reason, this vine is broken and you can’t see my bit of the chicken dance. I can promise that it’s very entertaining though. Maybe you’ll enjoy just hearing my chicken sounds though… If you want to come over and watch the original version on my phone, you’re very welcome.

May 15th: Straw Hat Day

I personally think this is a very good look for me.

Why the suit? I was off to a formal dinner at my old college. In retrospect, maybe I should have kept the hat on.

May 16th: Accounting Day

Right now in my life I’m facing a lot of complicated accounting and tax issues. I won’t go into them but they’re very big and scary. So on the 16th I took some time to run the numbers again and frighten myself half to death. Remind me not to do that anymore.

May 17th: Telecommunications Day

Presented without comment.

May 18th: No Dirty Dishes Day

Enjoy this timelapse of me doing dishes, created using the magic of TECHNOLOGY.

What you can’t see is the bit where I tried to clean the underside of a pot and sprayed water all over myself. Ah, the eternal sunshine of the timelapsed life.

May 19th: Notebook Day

I picked this specific page in my notebook because it contains some old workings in quantified logic and makes me look a lot smarter than I am.

Also on this day I went to a gig in Cambridge and McCauley Culkin was there. That’s not really relevant to this, but I thought it was cool.

May 20th: Bike to Work Day

I didn’t bother getting a photo of this, but you can probably imagine what it looks like. If not, just come and hang out at my work sometime.


Coming up….

  • May 21st: Rapture Party Day
  • May 22nd: Sherlock Holmes Day
  • May 23rd: Turtle Day
  • May 24th: Escargot Day
  • May 25th: Towel Day
  • May 26th: World Lindy Hop Day
  • May 27th: Cellophane Tape Day

See you next week! Or maybe in two! WHO KNOWS?!?!?!

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