Times there can be smoke without fire

I hate the expression “there’s no smoke without fire.” It’s just not true.

Here are some examples:

  1. Smoke machine
  2. Burning toast
  3. Blowing out a candle (there’s only smoke when the fire is extinguished)
  4. Smoke Monster from Lost
  5. Smokey Bear
  6. Smokey Robinson
  7. Smokey and the Bandit
  8. Smoke bombs
  9. Referring to a city as “the big smoke”
  10. Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
  11. The jar of smoke I always keep with me at all times.
  12. Something else that looks like smoke
  13. Mist/Fog?
  14. The Fast and the Furious 7: Smoke Without Fire
  15. Smoke from behind an old sofa
  16. Smoked Ribs
  17. When people say “Richard, you are looking smokin’ hot today!”
  18. In a vacuum
  19. Fake Smoke (‘Foke’)
  20. Holy smokes!

Thanks. I’m glad we could clear that up.

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