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Behold, the desolation of man!

1. And lo, the devil did weep. For the halls of hell ran empty. And he was alone. The evil from below overran the ground above and was free. 2. And Man himself could not weep. They writhed as animals in the mud and fields. 3. God had forsaken the Lands. His all-seeing eye did blind itself with scorn, and gazed upon the Lands no more. 4. Strange voices were heard in every corner, but They could not see whom was speaking. The women and children gave themselves up to darkness when they no longer had the strength to carry on. 5. Soon, the Men too had lost their wills. Each took his turn to fill the grave. 6. The last Man said a prayer to the Heavens: “Lord, forgive us. We knew not what we were doing. We sought but merriment, and did not mean for damnation.” He shed a tear, and leapt into the Depths. 7. The World was dead.