Alright, I’m not gonna waste your time with a long preamble. Let’s get right into this, the ten spookiest types of weather.

10 – Clear and bright

a bright day featuring a wooden path running by a river

You know, just a completely average day. Not too hot or cold. No wind, some clouds.

Nothing spooky has ever happened on a clear and bright day. So this is coming up LAST on my list of spooky weather.

9 – Sunny days

sunshine shining through some palm trees

Sunshine just isn’t very spooky. Dark places are more spooky than light ones. So the more sun you have, the less likely you are to get spooked!

I’ve never had a spooky experience on a sunny day. It’s just very unlikely to happen!

8 – Overcast

grey clouds on an overcast day

Overcast days can be quite unpleasant. They’re depressing, to say the least, and all that grey can be quite spooky.

Clouds are basically sky ghosts. And on an overcast day it’s like the sky is haunted. So it can be quite a spooky experience if you’re not ready for it.

7 – Sandstorm

A desert scene in a sandstorm, some palm trees are swaying in the wind

I try to avoid sandstorms as much as possible in my everyday life. They’re annoying, and spookier than you might expect.

The lack of visibility is the main contributor to the spook factor here. If you can’t see where you’re going clearly, then you don’t know if you’re about to walk right into a werewolf or mummy or any other kind of spooky. Be careful out there, folks!

6 – Snow

a snowy landscape with some trees by a snow-covered lake

Snow is cold, which is the spookiest temperature.

5 – Cloudy

a factory with big grey clouds in the background

Yes, we already had overcast higher up in this list. But I’m talking about some big, grey, scary clouds here. The kind you might see in a scary movie!

These kinds of clouds are very spooky indeed. And that’s why they make our top five today.

4 – Drizzle

rain falling onto some grass in close-up

Yuck! Drizzle gets you all wet and is generally quite annoying to be involved with. Spookily annoying? Yes, I think so!

3 – Rain

someone walking down an urban street carrying an umbrella in the rain

A step up from drizzle, “rain” is when water falls out of the sky in a big way. It’s definitely spookier than mere drizzle, by sheer volume alone. Grab your umbrella; you’re in for a spooky time!

2 – Hurricane/Tornado

a hurricane

Sorry I didn’t research the difference between the two. But my understanding is that they’re basically the same thing. Swirly wind boys.

Hurricanes and tornados are VERY spooky indeed. They even sound spooky. The howling gusts of a hurricane sound a lot like the haunting calls of a ghoul or banshee. They don’t take the top spot on our list today, but they come very close.

1 – Fog

a foggy moor with rolling hills

Fog is basically a big ghost you walk through. It’s also where witches, skeletons, and draculas live. Nothing unspooky has ever happened within fog. And even mundane activities (chopping onions, setting a crossword, learning to juggle) take on spooky qualities when undertaken in a foggy setting.

I will actively steer clear of any fog I come across, and I suggest you do the same.


EDIT 2: more things that didn’t make the cut but are quite spooky: hail, a blood moon, night time