(Read up on what #Richards2016 is all about here.)

Yup, twelve whole weeks! Wow. A LITERAL DOZEN. Not like that weird fakey Baker’s Dozen. Like what the HELL bakers, get in line or get out, that’s what I say!

Anyway, on with it.

March 19th: Poultry Day

I’m sure this day is supposed to be all about supporting poultry or whatever. But, in the spirit of this blog, I made it about EATING STUFF INSTEAD YOLO.


March 20th: Snowman Burning Day

Almost died for this one.

So yeah I drew a snowman on a post-it and burnt it. IN MY HOUSE OVER MY WOODEN FLOOR WEARING MY CHEAP FLAMMABLE PRIMARK TOUSERS. Pro tip: don’t do any of that.

Thankfully I had a bowl of water on standby and my house didn’t burn down and my fingers were only mildly singed. Yay!

And also, the half-burnt snowman swirling in the bowl at the end is a kind of beautiful metaphor for the end of winter, right? Well, I think it looks cool.

March 21st: World Poetry Day

Wrote some poems and stuff and shared them online.

READ THEM HERE. My favourite one is Growl which I even went to the effort of recording once. Listen to it if you are bored or something.

It has been described in the comments as Incredible! Very larkinesque.

March 22nd: Goof Off Day

I work very hard. So I find it difficult to “goof off”. So I just did it at home instead.

Look at that. Has there ever been a man in a clearer state of goofing off? Let’s inventorise:

  • Classic hawaiian ‘party shirt’
  • Glass of plonk on the go
  • 20 – count them, 20 – brownie bites.
  • Double stuff oreo AKA the food of kings AKA the diabetes express AKA the widowmaker AKA my favourite thing to eat and goof off to.


March 23rd: Melba Toast

I don’t really know what Melba Toast is. I was able to buy some and it seems that it’s basically just small ready-made toast. You’re meant to spread classy stuff on it like paté or fish eggs or whatever. NO SUCH LUCK HERE


March 24th: Tuberculosis Day

Short of contacting TB myself, I wasn’t sure what to do. I also have had the BCG jab which is meant to protect against that kind of thing.

So I just sent £10 off to the British Lung Foundation instead. They do good work, and I’d encourage you to consider chucking some wedge at them too.

March 25th: Tolkien Reading Day

Got a free sample of the Fellowship of the Ring off the Kindle store and read it on a train.

It was actually great and reminded me that I’ve never actually finished reading TLoTR. Adding it to my to-read list!


Coming up in the next seven days….

  • March 26th: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
  • March 27th: Neighbour Day
  • March 28th: Black Forest Cake Day
  • March 29th: Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
  • March 30th: Doctors’ Day
  • March 31st: Eiffel Tower Day
  • April 1st: International Tuba Day

Erm…. ok. Well, I’m looking forward to all those CAKE days I’m guessing.

Wish me luck xox