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Back to usual single-week posting for now. Here we go!

April 30th: Honesty Day


Yeah, I mean it was ok. Spiderman and Ant-Man were great it in. But it did feel like it was all shot in a multi-storey carpark over one weekend. It didn’t wow me like The Avengers did. (To be honest, even Age of Ultron was a bit meh..)

May 1st: Mother Goose Day

Video time!

Turns out Mother Goose poems suck! Lol.

May 2nd: Baby Day

This one is two videos, and requires a bit of explaining. It’s probably simplest if you just go here. Unfortunately, I can’t embed a YoutubeDoubler experience, so if you don’t wanna go to that link for whatever reason, here’s the videos:

What you have to do, then, is play the top video MUTED, whilst playing the second video with the sound on. So basically you’re getting an alternate audio track for the second one.

The Godspeed track should start around 42 minutes in. But you can start it anywhere really. It’s just meant to be a bit creepy.

Ok guys, I just tried again and it’s almost worth keeping the first audio ON just so you get the creepy baby cries and discordant piano. Give it a few tries and see what works.

So yeah, happy baby day!

May 3rd: World Asthma Day

I’ve had some complaints about this one, but I’ll present it exactly as it occurred.

So here I’m leveraging my hayfever for content for world asthma day. Now, I’m not saying that hayfever and asthma are the same thing by any means, though they are both RESPIRATORY IN NATURE. I’m just throwing out some solidarity to my heavy breathing bros. Respec’ to y’all!

And no, I don’t have asthma. And sure, maybe this is some kind of respiratory condition appropriation that I have failed to check my non-asthmatic privilege on before engaging with. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO, OK?

May 4th: Star Wars Day

because may the forth sounds like may the force do you get it do you get the star wars reference.

But basically I just did a load of stuff for work so I’ll share a bit of that here.

May 5th: Cartoonist’s Day

It’s a crime that Gary Larson isn’t better known in this country, or really even anywhere at all really. He’s shaped my quote-unquote sense of humour probably more than anyone else, leading to a brief period where I used to do little cartoon drawings myself. Basically, he’s the greatest and the least you should do is follow that Twitter account above.

And here’s a selected cartoon for you to enjoy now.



May 6th: No Diet Day

This has strong Butterfield echoes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on any hoisin crispy owl. Instead, I just stuffed my face at work.


Coming up:

  • May 7th: Join Hands Day
  • May 8th: Lemonade Day
  • May 9th: Moscato Day
  • May 10th: World Lupus Day
  • May 11th: Root Canal Appreciation Day
  • May 12th: Nutty Fudge Day
  • May 13th: International Hummus Day

See ya then!