In October 2019, Disney took to Twitter to announce the launch of its new streaming service, Disney+. And it was one of the most ambitious and creative uses of social media I’ve ever seen.

Rather than the usual launch copy with asset linking out to a landing page, Disney took another route. To show off the depth of the catalogue available, they listed every single show available on the service, in a single Twitter thread. That’s over 600 tweets in a row.

Yes, I know. As a social marketer, I probably get more excited about this than the average person. But do you know how annoying Twitter threads are to make? I assume Disney got special assistance from Twitter for this because it would just be mind-bogglingly difficult to do otherwise.

But even a non-marketer can appreciate the genius of form and content here. In classic ‘show don’t tell’ fashion, Disney shows you that Disney+ has got the lot. Scrolling the thread, you can’t deny the sheer volume of content. There’s no Shrek or Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, but there’s still plenty of good stuff.

And there’s a certain genius in the way it’s structured. Rather than kicking off with the highest-value properties, it seems to be in chronological order for some reason. This means you have to scroll quite a long way before you see, like Star Wars, and things. And that’s neat! Little nuggets of big names peppered throughout, a reward for your continued engagement.

The other benefit of Disney listing EVERY SINGLE THING ON THE SERVICE is that half of it is completely bonkers. Stuff that’s aged poorly, or was just made poorly at the time. But it’s in there. A cultural treasure trove for us to dive into.

Let’s take a look at some Disney+ highlights

The Luck of the Irish looks like a lot of fun. It’s one of those Disney movies you’ve never heard of (I hadn’t), because it probably released in cinemas. It probably wasn’t even shown in the UK or even Ireland. But I just like the idea that this film exists out there somewhere. What’s it about? No idea! A baseball player with a tiny clone of himself? Is that meant to be a leprechaun? We’ll never know!

Sammy the Way-out Seal is the Troy McClure film that never was.

What do you get if you put random words into a generator and then that generator also catches fire and you just use its last dying words as the title of your next major motion picture? Behold: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

I have nothing but time for films about or featuring monkeys. The Barefoot Executive just looks so good. Is that a briefcase full of bananas? You better believe it, buddy!

Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Ok? Cool story, Justin. You don’t really get film titles like this anymore, huh? Pure descriptive titles that tell you exactly what you’re going to get. Like if Inception came out in the 1970s it’d be called like “The Man Who Goes Into Peoples Dreams To Try And Implant Ideas In Their Brains”.


Lol at Mr Boogedy. He looks very spooky indeed. Thank you Disney+ for the spook.

No idea what The Poof Point is. It can’t be what I think it is. But again, never gonna watch it!

What is The Secret of the Magic Gourd? More to the point, why is Disney making movies about gourds in 2007? Was literally every other concept for a film used up? Or did some heinous error occur during the market research where it was determined that kids in the mid-00s were really into squashes and pumpkins? Also, hahahahah at the frog here.

Ok, that’s all the funny ones I think. Bye!