So didn’t get anything into this week’s Newsjack again. Which is fine.

My only noteworthy submission was a sketch about the new Frozen film. It’s pretty ambitious, but I can see why it wasn’t used.


1. INTRO: Entertainment news, and Disney has announced plans to produce

a sequel to the hit animated film Frozen. A story about two sisters,

one of whom has magical powers, the original film has driven

droves of parents insane thanks to its repetitive catchy songs.

We’re lucky enough to have a sneak preview of some of the

newest songs that will feature in the upcoming sequel. Warning:

you may want to cover the ears of any young children present.

2. MUSIC: (Do you wanna build a snowman?)

3. SINGER: Do you wanna watch a sequel?

And rewatch it every day?

Never do anything else

But sing these songs over and over

And driving parents insaaaaane.

You used to be happy with Teletubbies

Or In the Night Garden

And that was absolutely fiiiine

Do you wanna watch a sequel?

I don’t really wanna a sequel.

Ok, fine…

4. MUSIC (Let it go)

5. SINGER Don’t go the cinema, don’t let them see

There’s probably something better on CBBC!

Don’t tell the kids, oh no it’s too late!

Oh god, now they now!

They won’t let it go, let it go,

There’ll be no holding back anymore,

Every day and every night

You’ll be singing this until Frozen 4!

6. END