You know the ones I mean.

Those welcome visitors to our high street, appearing around November time, dazzling us with wonderment. But, as Lao Tazu one said, the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And so, come January 1st they’d be gone. Retreating back into the night until we meet again.

Ah RED5, the ultimate gadget shop, we hardly knew ye! When there was a stocking that needed filling there you were! Ready with a collapsible micro-scooter or a robot that could do a backflip.

Alas, Red5 has now become subsumed into a larger, more dominant entity: Menkind.

Why is it called Menkind? Who are we to ask such questions? It’s not quite a pun on anything but gets the message across: this is a shop for men. Because no woman could possible handle a SONY PLAYSTATION ICONS DESK LIGHT XL. And I’m sure they’d get their hormones all in a twist over a MANDALORIAN THE CHILD SHAPED MUG. This is for men only!!

And lastly, who can forget the absolute king of season high street gift shops? I’m speaking, of course, about Hawkin’s Bazaar.

Who is Hawkin, and who is he to share his delights with us? Is it meant to be a pun on hawking – as in an old slang term for selling stuff?

And what treats the bazaar holds for us! From Trash Can Slime to Pooing Unicorn Backpack Buddy, no traveller leaves unamazed!

Let’s have more of these please!